Custom Mark Names

On the Marks and Tags page, you were shown how to mark pages and the significance of marking. By default, marks come with boring names like "primary", "info", and "warning". Those are pretty good generic names, but they may not fit every purpose for each of your categories.

For instance, in a mathematics category, you might want a mark for Application (ie. how to use math in the real world). You could theoretically just use the green "success" mark, but that's not really descriptive. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just rename the mark to "application"?

Well, you can!

Creating Custom Names

You are allowed to create custom names for each of the five marks on a per-category basis. This means that all pages in the mathematics category will share the same mark names, but they may be different from pages in the history category if desired.

In order to specify custom names, you can do one of two things.

The first is to go to a page of the desired category. Under the Marks section in the Admin Panel on the side bar, there is a link that says "Customize Marks for this Category". If you click on that, you will be brought to a page that looks like the below.

Editing Marks

Image Unavailable

The colors of the fields correspond with the colors of the marks.

There, you can change the names of the marks, and when you save the page, all marks in the specified category will adopt the new names.

In the second way, you can use the Mark Customization hub. This hub contains every instance of customized mark names, and it allows you to make additional ones. This hub is a part of the notebook, so you can create a subpage like you would for any other notebook page. You only need to make sure that the title you use is identical to the category name.

Altering Default Names

If you do not specify mark names for a category, then a default set will be applied. This default set belongs to the notebook category. You can actually change these as well by editing the names at this link, but these changes will apply to all categories without customized names, not just the notebook category.

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